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Casio Watches

Established in April 1946 by Tadao Kashio, the Casio company became known throughout the world for its enduring and reliable wristwatches. Three decades later, Casio became an important part of the electronic revolution in watchmaking industry with the introduction of digital watches. Today, Casio is the pioneer of waterproof, shock resistant timepieces that are as hardworking as they are stylish.

Casio is built on the principle of providing products with innovative functions that assist people in their daily lives. The Japanese company joined the timepiece market in 1974, with its first model, a digital wristwatch called Casiotron which featured automatic calendar. Casio began making timepieces only after the electronic watch revolution, but its background as a calculator manufacturer provided technical expertise.

The company’s success in other electronic markets also provided a massive boost for the Tokyo based firm, allowing them to produce watches with numerous technological innovations. Casio would launch their iconic scientific calculator timepiece, labeled as a model CFX-400. From that time on, Casio made more models of calculator watches than any other company. The Japanese watchmakers are still considered to be the most important company that produces this sort of timepieces. During the eighties, Casio also started selling the Data Bank Calculator watch, the series that included not only a calculator, but could also be used for storing appointments, names, addresses and phone numbers. This innovative watch would go down in history as a fashion icon that would define a generation. Later, Casio would create an ultimate, tough and unbreakable watch that could reach a “Triple 10” concept – a new type of product that can withstand 10 meter free-fall, and also has a 10 bar water resistance accompanied with a battery which lasts for 10 years. The design team produced more than 200 prototypes and after two years, the first black G-shock watch was launched. The G-Shock and the other models of Casio include a self-contained Tough Solar battery charging system with a solar cell and a rechargeable battery. This line of products and the Baby-G (the G-Shock for women) are still the most popular ones among Casio watches. Other notable series are Oceanus, Edifice and Casio Sport.

In recent years, Casio have brought out their G-Shock Premium range, aimed at the customer who grew up with the classic black and colored G-Shocks but now wants something more age-appropriate and refined. Be sure to check out options like Casio’s super-slim performance watch, complete with a compass, barometer/altimeter and thermometer as well as loads of other genuinely useful functions.

Each dependable Casio is built to turn heads. Most watches on the market have an analog format with three dials on the face of the watch to measure time. Casio excels in men's watches that are both digital and analog, so all of the time-tracking functionality takes place in a digital format located at the bottom of the watch face. In the original model, the face, case and band of the watch is black, and it has white numerals, making the watch easy to read at a glance. The crown, buckle and case material are all made of durable stainless steel, while the band is made of rubber. The watch face is protected by hardened mineral crystal, which many watch manufacturers use.

Casio has an excellent help and support system set up for its customers. The website is very helpful as the product page links directly to a downloadable user manual, warranty information and FAQs. Secondly, the company has both an email address and phone number so you can contact a technical support representative directly. Finally, Casio includes the industry-standard one-year warranty to cover any defects or manufacturing errors that may have occurred before purchase. Today, Casio is known for its wide portfolio of timepieces, ranging from the sporty G-Shock to its luxurious Edifice collection. Speak with one of our sales agents today to find the right Casio watch to take your style to the next level.