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Learn more about Bulova

Headquartered in New York, Bulova continues to roll out innovative and groundbreaking new ideas in men’s and women’s watch making year after year. From stainless steel dress watches for men and women, to everyday wear, Bulova seeks to satisfy the fashion sensibilities of all its high-end clientele.

In 1919, Joseph Bulova, drawing on his inventive spirit that would define his brand, introduced its first line of men’s fully jeweled, stainless steel wristwatches. In those early days of the 20th century, many European watch manufacturers were stuck in the past, and reluctant to believe that a wristwatch would replace the iconic pocket watch as a man’s preferred timepiece.

Another leap in innovation introduced by Bulova was The Bulova Accutron Watch, the world’s first fully electronic watch. Handcrafted in Switzerland, it revolutionizing the industry by creating the most accurate measuring system of the time. Instead of ticking, the watch was known for its distinctive humming sound. Legendary space exploration group NASA chose it for use in their new space time computers. Today, Bulova’s ingenuity is still gracing countless wrists worldwide, and on the moon.

In keeping with their tradition of invention, The Bulova Precisionist is the newest and most advanced watch movement to emerge from Bulova’s laboratory. Boasting a second hand that beats 16 times per second as opposed to the industry standard of one time per second on other quartz movements, it claims to be the most accurate in the world.. This promotes a continuously sweeping second hand that is even more fluid than other mechanical watches that beat approximately 9 times per second.

Every man or woman needs a Bulova watch that highlights their personality to perfection. The watch that a man wears tells a lot about what kind of person the man is. A plainly good looking stainless steel watch tells that the man has a sense of fashion but is not aware of the quality of different things of life. If a person is wearing a watch simply loaded with exciting features but does not have a similarly exciting, stainless steel exterior, then it can be said that the person only has taste for quality and not for the public eye. A good product fails to impress people if it is not provided in a great looking package. Similarly a watch loaded with good features will not have the desired effect in the eyes of the customers, if it does not have an awe-inspiring appearance. Bulova Watches follow a path of design and precision, equipped with a stainless steel exterior, ensuring that both quality and bravado are at your fingertips at all times.

If your choice is innovation with compromising luxury, choose one of our Bulova Stainless Steel Watches and speak with our representatives today.