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Diver Watch Bezel Insert Made for Seiko SKX007 SKX009,SKX011 Cal.7S26 Green

  • Diver Watch Bezel Insert Made for Seiko SKX007 SKX009,SKX011 Cal.7S26 Green
MOD Watch Parts
Diver Watch Bezel Insert Made for Seiko SKX007 SKX009,SKX011 Cal.7S26 Green
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INFORMATIONBrandMOD Watch PartsSeriesBezel InsertModel NumberMRBAI07
ADDITIONAL INFOThis Bezel insert is designed to fit these Seiko Diver watches: SKX007K1, SKX007K2, SKX009K1, SKX009K2, SKX171, SKX173, and SKX175. cal. 7S26. Bezel measurements: Outer Diameter: 38 MM Inner Diameter: 31.5 MM Thickness: 1 MM


BEZEL INSERTS for your DIVER's Watch from MOD Watch Parts

Each bezel insert is carefully made to match a popular diver’s watch. It may also  fit watches that share similar specifications. Our goal is that you receive a worthwhile bezel insert as your watch parts collection grows.

Bezel measurements:

  • Outer Diameter: 38 MM
  • Inner Diameter: 31.5 MM
  • Thickness: 1 MM


This Bezel insert is designed to fit these specific Seiko Diver watches:

  • SKX007K1, SKX007K2, SKX009K1, SKX009K2, SKX173, SKX17.
  • This watch may also fit other watches with similar specifications.

Each order includes a single bezel insert. Display watch not included. 

MOD Watch Parts offers bezels in a wide variety of colors and styles to use as replacements for your original bezel insert. The bezel’ inserts are all made of a lightweight aluminum, and molded to fit popular variations of diver’s watch. Using industry standard production methods, these bezels are manufactured to be durable. 

The colors and features:  

  • BLACK RED- Vintage combo that highlights the 0 to 20 minutes with red.  20 minutes was once considered  the average diver profile. Illuminated zero marker.
  • BLUE- Classic Deep Blue ocean color. Illuminated zero Marker.
  • BLUE RED -This GMT bezel turns your diver’s watch into GMT watch. No illuminated marker. 
  • GREEN - Tortoise green, referencing your favorite luxury watch maker. 
  • GREY ORANGE- Sleek and discreet Vintage combo. The 0 to 20 minute maker is highlighted with orange. Illuminated zero marker. 
  • ORANGE - A strong carrot Orange color, with minute markers highlighting 0 to 20 minutes. Illuminated zero marker. 
  • PEPSI-This classic combo is dark blue with red highlighting the 0 to 20 minutes. 
  • STAINLESS STEEL- a low key bezel meant to blend with your stainless steel diver’s watch. 
  • YELLOW- A sporty contemporary take on the dual color classic, with yellow highlighting the 0 to 20 minute markers. Illuminated zero marker.


The Diver's Watch Bezel  

Rotating bezels serve a concrete function for a diver’s watch, which was once a necessary accessory for any scuba diver. The bezel of a diver’s watch is typically unidirectional and allows the diver to know how much time has elapsed. Though this method is not in use in contemporary diving, it remains an essential and historic styling detail that sets a diver’s watch apart from other watches.

Currently, the bezel is one of the most important styling elements of a scuba diving watch. It’s color and pattern help further identify the watch, and differentiate it from other divers. The colors on the bezel may refer to the blue sea, the orange sun, or yellow sand. Yet, it's not limited to the ocean. The color choice can also refer to the nation’s flag, or even your favorite sport’s team. 

Replacing the watch bezel allows you to simply transform the appearance of any watch, no matter how old it is. A new bezel renews the feel and look, and can also add a unique element to your watch. This change will also help set your watch apart from all the other diver’s watch.


About MOD Watch Parts

Your Watch Reinvented

At Mod Watch Parts, we specialize in sourcing and selling quality watch parts crafted to reinvent the way your watch looks and feels. As watch enthusiasts who have worked in the watch business for over thirty years, we are excited to introduce our watch parts collection in order to help you customize your watch and make it into something original and unique.

Our Guarantee and Warranty Coverage

We have over 30 years experience in the watch business, and we know how important it is to keep our customer’s satisfied. What this means is that we want to make sure you are happy with this product well after the time of purchase.  Whenever you purchase a Bezel from us,  you also receive a 1 year warranty. We will happily replace any part that is broken or damaged within one year. Hassle Free. Please keep our email on hand and contact us if there is any problems over the course of the year. 


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